Kylie Jenner Is Burning Through Her Billion Dollar Fortune

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Not All Celebrities Can Live Within Their Means…

Kylie Jenner is one of the most influential people on social media. Her expensive makeup, designer outfits, and luxurious trips have fans from all over the world living vicariously through her. But she’s living life on a different level than any of us. She pretty much spends her money as fast as she makes it. In fact, when Kylie feels like pampering herself, she splurges on a Lamborghini. Meanwhile, most of us would probably just get some fast food. So billionaire or not, Kylie is spending big. So what exactly is she blowing all her money on?

Well, the beauty mogul managed to burn through $130 million in the past year. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise to her fans. She was born into a rich and lavish lifestyle. In 2019, it was reported that Kylie makes about $4.5 million per season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So, of course Kylie can afford to go on some ridiculously lavish shopping sprees. And she’s not ashamed to give fans a sneak peek into her expensive lifestyle. Just ask her 181 million followers on Instagram.

But no one’s judging her; well, no one except for her older sisters who are worried that she might be burning through her fortune like there’s no tomorrow. And given that she’s anything but frugal, it’s not exactly shocking that Kylie’s been spending her money on opulent things like a customized private jet and a $36.5 million mansion. And from the looks of it, she has no intentions of slowing down.


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Written by: Camila Villafane
Narrated by: Cam Y.
Edited by: Maurice

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