Kylie Jenner Has A New Clone And It’s Khloe Kardashian

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These Days We Can’t Even Tell The Kardashian Jenner Clan Apart
You’ve watched them over the years on television and the tabloids, you’ve witnessed their style evolutions, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that yet another Kardashian/Jenner sister is copying the look of another Kardashian/Jenner sister. This time it looks like it’s the youngest Kardashian sister, Khloe, who wants to be or maybe just imitate the youngest Jenner sister, Kylie. The hair colour and styles, the similar outfits, the Instagram feeds, the cars, the lifestyle, the kids, and we haven’t even mentioned the pout yet. You better believe that’s a big one. Yeah it’s one thing after another that we are seeing Khloe copy from her younger sister. It was an Instagram post earlier this year that had fans noticing the similarities between the two. Did Khloe get plastic surgery? Have we just been watching them for the last 10 plus years and failed to notice the gradual change of features, styles and likes? They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and there is definitely some imitation going on here.
So what do you think? Is Khloe copying Kylie? Or is it just two sisters who are clearly on the same page who just happen to like the same styles and trends? Nah. Can’t be that can it? Let us know what you think is going on in the comments below and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button to get more access to videos from us here at The Talko!

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Written by: Melissa L
Narrated by: Cam Y.
Edited by: Maurice

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