KALAN.FRFR. Speaks On L.A. Artists Sticking Together & Gratitude He Feels As A Roc Nation Signee

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KALAN.FRFR. has a lot to be thankful for and nowadays he isn’t taking anything for granted. Speaking with the L.A. Leakers, Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk, the Cali native is celebrating the recent release of his latest offering, ‘TWOFR 2,’ and discusses why he’s appreciative to be in this moment of his life and career.

As the “No Love” rapper once experienced a time in his life where he wasn’t always confident in releasing music, he tells the Leakers that a move to Atlanta inspired him to be proud of himself just by seeing how everyone in the A moved and believed in each other. A few of these lessons have definitely carried over into many of his friendships and musical relationships that he has built over time, seeing how he discusses his take on L.A. artists continuing to support one another.

Kalan speaks on the importance of sticking together with those he came up with because there is no reason why everyone can’t win and hold each other down. While everyone might find success in different forms and at different times, being able to support each other is non-negotiable.

Kalan goes on to talk about the gratitude he has being a Roc Nation signee and not limiting himself with someone like Jay-Z in his corner, shares why he raps from his heart, and much more.

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