K Camp Explains How Random Man Saved His Career, Andre 3000, Tik Tok & More

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Timecodes – 0:35 – working at Red Lobster
1:42 – K Camp’s first rap group
“How you know about that?”
2:30 – K Camp on coming up with his rap name
3:30 – Getting popping in the strip clubs in Atlanta
4:30 – Buying drinks for DJs at 18 years old to get his records played
5:50 – performing at Talent shows in front of ATL celebrities
6:30 – 9:10 – K Camp Was Texting Andre 3000’s Assistant Every Day Asking For A Feature When He Was 13 Years Old
8:30 – Rapping for K Camp?
9:20 – What the Atlanta music scene was like at the time
10:40 – K Camp on the Tik Tok success
11:30 – Leaking “Cut It Off” On Purpose
12:30 – 16:30 – The Biggest Risks K Camp Has Ever Taken In His Career
18:00 – Meeting Boosie for the first time
18:30 – Being high on shrooms with Wiz & Watching How High
19:00 – Smoking With Snoop Dogg & Getting Way Too High
20:00 – K Camp reflects on some songs that he isn’t proud of looking back on it
21:15 – 23:40 – The making of Renegade & starting off the Tik Tok song trends
23:30 – K Camp Says R&B Was Dead For A While But Is Back Now
25:00 – How Drake and Kanye Stay On Top For So Long
27:45 – How A Random Man Saved K Camp’s Career

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Video Edited By:
Sage Velastegui

Research & Interview Conducted By:
Jeremy Hecht

Shot By:
Nathan Girard

Executive Producer: Sharath Cherian

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