#JordinSparks Talks New EP, Quarantine Life, Motherhood, Being Bi-Racial in America & More

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The Grammy-nominated singer spoke about her recent EP and how proud of the project she is. She says, “In terms of the music, I’ve still been working on it, I’ve never stopped working on music per se. After have [my son], I just said whoa, let me take a break. All these different things but I’m really excited about this group of songs, this EP, that I feel very proud of and they come from a very good place. She continues, “While I was writing this one, I actually, for the first time didn’t have any sad or traumatic emotional-like experiences to go with these songs because I’m in such a great place in my life. I’m in a loving place, I’m in a happy place, and I really think that comes through in the music.

Jordin also talked about motherhood and how it has been such a blessing to have children and her favorite part of being a mother, how it feels to be bi-racial in America, and having difficult conversations with family about the on-going racial issue in this country.

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