Jalen Rose Disagrees with Marcellus Wiley’s Stance on Kaepernick (Part 17)

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part 16: https://youtu.be/sTR2fhwedm8
part 1: https://youtu.be/3IyQqq8R2mE

In this clip, Jalen Rose gave his take on Marcellus Wiley’s opinion about the Colin Kaepernick situation. Jalen acknowledged that he and Marcellus are friends but said he disagreed with his former ESPN colleague. According to Jalen, being biracial doesn’t exclude you from being able to speak out against injustice nor does having direct experience with police brutality make someone more apt to talk about it.

Later, Jalen opined on the post made by Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa disparaging Ray Lewis. Jalen believes that was actually a “couples post” because Colin clearly knew the potential fallout from that post and he doesn’t believe Nessa would undermine Kap’s chances at making a comeback.