Ivy Rivera on Drake & J. Cole New Tour, Boosie on The Breakfast Club & Patrick Mahomes’ Underwear

0:00:00 – What’s Ivy Been Cooking??
0:08:03 – What was your biggest moment career-wise?
0:11:19 – Something You Believe That Most People Would Disagree with?
0:21:54 – Does CTG Miss Being The ‘Prince of Pissing People Off’?
0:30:59 – Drake and J.Cole Show Love to Small Markets
0:33:52 – Boosie’s Coke Can in a Jail Cell Trauma
0:37:18 – Did Kai Cenat Glorify Jail in his stream?
0:39:21 – How do you win My 600 lb Life?
0:48:07 – Patrick Mahomes wears the same underwear for every game?
0:54:12 – Are you leading people towards evil as entertainers?
1:01:25 – How do you balance work and home life?
1:08:06 – Salute to the Hezi Andrew Schulz
1:12:04 – How do you change the minds of a large group of people?
1:13:14 – Did CTG really see Prince Levitating?
1:16:00 – Do Aliens go to heaven?

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