Ilyasah Shabazz on Her Father Malcolm X’s Murder and Farrakhan

IIyasah Shabazz sat down with VladTV to discuss her late father Malcolm X’s life. Malcolm X played a tremendous role in the civil rights movement before being assassinated on [Febuary 21, 1965]. In the interview, Shabazz talks with us about the multiple attempts on her father’s life, him being followed by the CIA, and how he sacrificed life for what he believed in.

We asked Shabazz about the three attempts on her father’s that her mother mentioned in a previous interview, and she explained, “The attempts wasn’t because of something going on within the nation… He wasn’t being followed by the nation of doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger, what matters is who organized this assassination, unfortunately.” Malcolm X’s assassination happened in front of her mother, her siblings, and Shabazz. Although she was young, Shabazz explained that of her family seeing her father slain had an extreme effect on all of them, “My older sisters, Attalah, and Quibilah both remember very clearly, and very vividly seeing their father being killed… I also say the noise for anyone; a baby has to have some sort of effect..”

IIyasah continued the conversation by talking about her father’s legacy, the nation of Islam’s involvement in her father’s death, and how much he cared for what he believed in. Check out the full clip above.