How The Rachel Haircut Changed A Generation

“The Rachel” haircut became one of the most popular looks of the 90s!

Who wouldn’t want to be just like the trendy New York City cool girl, Rachel Green? Jennifer Anniston’s character on the hit 90s sitcom, Friends, became a fan favorite for her laid back style and easy going attitude about life, relationships, and career.

As Rachel’s on-screen career progressed into the world of fashion, so did her looks. Anniston’s characters gave viewers some of the most iconic and trendsetting outfits of the decade and beyond!

Even after the final episode of Friends aired, fans continued to flock to the reruns and streaming of the hilarious series. Rachel’s fashion and style permeated into decades to come. Now, 90s fashion is once again at the forefront of major trends! As we look back at Rachel’s iconic haircut that influenced women’s looks, we can’t help but notice how the character’s spunky and timeless outfits influenced fashion over the years. From the haircuts and plaid skirts to the blazers, mom jeans and cropped cardigans – the 90s are here to stay!

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Written by: Lori N.
Narrated by: Lanessa Tremblett
Edited by: Carla Marie Cuellar

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