How Robert De Niro Showed A Softer Side To Ana De Armas

Robert De Niro may have become famous playing tough guy mobsters, but, if you ask Ana de Armas, he’s nothing like his characters. The actress revealed Robert’s softer side during her monologue on Saturday Night Live.

Ana revealed that Robert promised he’d visit her family the next time he was in Cuba. But she didn’t think he was serious. Then, years later, the actress got an unexpected call from her father – Robert De Niro had surprised him at his job! Ana describes it as “such a kind gesture.” Robert is known for going out of his way to help young actors. He loves giving show biz advice, and a young Bradley Cooper revealed that Robert’s tips changed his life! It’s always nice to hear about an actor’s softer side. Especially when that actor is as legendary as the great Robert De Niro!



Meeting De Niro
Her SNL Monologue
De Niro Visited Her Dad In Cuba
Coming from Cuba to America
De Niro’s Love for Helping Younger Stars
Bradley Cooper’s Thoughts

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Written by: Emily R
Narrated by: @blakelylindsey

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