How J.Lo’s Iconic Green Dress Broke The Internet

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This Green Versace Dress Was The Reason Google Images Was Created

We can’t credit JLo with inventing Google Images, but we certainly can credit her as the main reason it was invented. Twenty years ago, Lopez made a last-minute decision to wear a green Versace gown to the 2000 Grammy awards, and changed fashion, and technology, forever. Although the singer was the fourth person to wear a version of the iconic green gown, JLo’s look cemented her status as fashion icon. Perhaps the most shocking details of JLo’s iconic 2000 Grammy Awards look is that she selected the dress a few hours before the awards as a last-minute decision, and that the singer was the fourth person to wear the dress in a mere three months, after Donatella Versace herself, Sandra Bullock and Ginger Spice. After Lopez’s iconic moment at the Grammys everyone wanted to see the dress again, so it’s no surprise that the need for people to see Lopez’ dress and the development of Google Images is heavily correlated. At the time, the development of Google Images was still in its infancy, but JLo’s dress quickened the pace of its development from a crawl to a sprint. The dress is such a celebrated moment in fashion that Lopez herself even strutted the runway in an updated version of the gown for Versace’s 2019 Spring/Summer show in Milan, bringing the gown full circle nearly twenty years later. It’s hard to say if she’ll ever top that iconic fashion moment, but we can’t wait to see more iconic fashion from the singer in the years to come.

Written by: Marlena Fulkerson
Narrated by: Lanessa Tremblett
Edited by: Carla Maria C.

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