How Beyonce Became The Most Powerful Woman In Music

Beyonce Knowles Carter has become one of the most powerful women in the music industry. The star’s hard work over the last two decades along with her talent, beauty, and calculated career moves have earned her a place in the top ranks of artists.

Beyonce’s career began as a frontwoman for various girl groups including the chart-topping Destiny’s Child. The group produced record-breaking hits and broke ceilings for female groups and artists to come.

As Beyonce ventured into a solo career, she began dropping album after album of number one singles and best-selling records. She could not be stopped! What was it that helped Beyonce’s career in music and film soar?

Along with her incredible appetite for success, she found her stride while working alongside rapper and producer, Jay-Z. Together, the pair are unstoppable.

With Beyonce’s career of unique visual albums, world tours, and dance worthy tracks, her status as a woman of power and fierceness is only going up from here.

There’s nobody else quite like Bey.


Written by: Lori Noel
Narrated by: Carmen S.
Edited by: Ieva Lu

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