Fred Williamson on Getting 1st Acting Role, Playing “Spearchucker Jones” in MASH Movie (Part 4)

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Former professional football player and actor Fred “The Hammer” Williamson shared his journey from architectural boredom to Hollywood stardom. Convinced he could outshine the guest stars on the hit TV show, “Julia,” Williamson decided to head to Hollywood despite no formal invitation. By posing as an expected guest, he managed to secure a meeting with the show’s producer, Hal Cantor, and cleverly talked his way into a role by insisting the show needed a regular male star. Impressed, Cantor designed a role around Williamson’s professional football experience, which led to a three-year contract for the show. His involvement in the show opened doors to further opportunities, including working on Robert Altman’s iconic “M*A*S*H.” Throughout the interview, Williamson emphasized the importance of self-assuredness and resilience in the face of derogatory remarks and stereotypes.