Fishermen Rescue A Bird & Turtle Stuck In A Net | Animal Rescue 2020

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Fishermen rescued an endangered turtle that was found tangled in a fishing net in the Philippines.

The giant leatherback was stranded on the beach in Dangay village, Oriental Mindoro.

Footage shows the locals cutting away the net with a knife while the others secured the frightened marine creature while it was struggling inside.

Onlooker Uno Cusi said he saw the group of fishermen frantically calling others to go over and help the turtle.

He said: “That was the biggest turtle that I saw in my years of living here. There are not so many people here since the lockdown, so maybe that is what attracted the animal to come here.”

Leatherback sea turtles are classed as ‘vulnerable’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.

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