Faizon Love: Robin Harris Clowned My Red Boots So Bad I Threw Them Away (Part 2)

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part 1: https://youtu.be/-zRXqTmx2_A
Faizon Love spoke on starting doing comedy at 14, and noted that he was always the funny kid. He explained how he got his comedy skill up by making fun of kids after listening to Richard Pryor albums. Faizon said watching an HBO special with Eddie Murphy is actually what inspired him to pursue comedy, and pushed him to seek out spots to perform at.
The Comedy Store was one of the places he performed, and noted that he met Pauly Shore, as well as the creator of ‘That ’70s Show.’ Faizon Love spoke about doing open mics and spoke on bombing really bad. He said that black crowds actually get you on point and make you better because they don’t give a f**k and will let you know. He said the first black crowd he ever did was with Robin Harris.