Every Time Addison Rae Was Accused Of Copying

Addison Rae’s Music Video For Obsessed Is Giving People Serious Selena Gomez Vibes…
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Is Addison Rae a copycat?! Kourtney Kardashian’s 20-year-old best friend has been accused of drawing a little too much inspiration on some of her projects.

The Tik Tok star who has become known for her catchy dance moves, has ventured into music, podcasting and the beauty business and fans have noticed a lot of similarities between her projects and some of her famous counterparts.

From Selena Gomez to other famous TikTokers, Addison draws inspiration from the people and the things she loves.

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Written by: Jenn S.
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Leva L

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0:22 Obsessed
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2:11 Jimmy Fallon Backlash
2:59 Dance Moves
3:42 Kardashian Twin
4:15 Outfit Inspo
4:44 The Youtube Channel
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