Every Time Addison Rae Wanted To Be A Kardashian Jenner

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Maybe Kris Jenner Will Adopt Her And She’ll Be Addison Kardashian Or Jenner Instead
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There’s a new Kardashian sister! Kourtney’s new BFF is the dancer who you probably know as massively famous TikTok star Addison Rae Easterling! The two have been hanging out since mid-pandemic and their friendship seems to be growing! With Addison joining the Kar-Jenner crew, what will that mean for her career?

Kourtney and Addison have been featured on each other’s social media and tiktok pages non stop these past months. The two have done dance collabs and Addison has even danced with Kourtney’s son Mason, and ex Scott Dissick. The whole family seems to have welcomed the tiktok dancer! Addison was seen out in Malibu beach with Kendall and other friends.

Addison was also spotted out at Nobu restaurant with Kourtney and the crew. Since Addison has begun hanging around the Kardashians, her style has evolved into a more mature and dramatic look, much like the signature Kar-Jenner style. Her hair is darker, Her makeup is more dramatic, and she even has a new partnership with American Eagle Outfitters!

Addison and Kourtney aren’t just hanging out together and filming videos – they’re also twinning! The pair have been seen wearing matching outfits on more than one occasion. We know from Kylie and her BFF Stassi that matching outfits is best friend 101! Looks like this friendship (or is it a business collab?) is here to stay!

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Written by: Laurie M.
Narrated by: Carmen Y.
Edited by: Fabián Tapia

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