EBE Bandz on His Dad Getting Locked Up When He Was Born (Flashback)

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In this flashback from 2015, the Dallas-born, Chicago-raised rapper EBE Bandz spoke about his entry into the rap game amongst his GMEBE crew, while choosing to stay tight-lipped about his upbringing before his rise to fame. When asked to define what class system he was brought up in, he mentioned how his father was locked up behind bars when he was born, while adding that at the time of the interview he had an off-and-on relationship with his father who was still in Texas.

“That’s all I’m going to say about where I grew up,” EBE Bandz then quickly stated, “you don’t need to know nothing about where I grew up, it’s about GMEBE it’s about our music and that’s it, where I’m from… if you know me you know.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Bandz also spoke about the comparisons he got to Slim Jesus, letting it be known that “I am not Slim Jesus, bro. He is not me. So stop comparing me to him, because he ain’t got s*** to do with me and I ain’t even diss shorty, yet. Period. I f*** with him.” From there, he noted how he hadn’t reached the popularity that Slim had at the time “because my s*** look real and authentic. Not no foolery.”