DJ Vlad on the 3 Books That He Learned Most of His Investing Knowledge From (Flashback)

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In this VladStocks clip from last May, DJ Vlad broke down the three books that he learned most of his investing knowledge from, pointing out that he didn’t gain all of his knowledge from one place. Prior to discussing the important literature, Vlad speaks on all the expensive courses and seminars that you see promoted online, stating that no one should ever pay thousands of dollars for a system that teaches stock investing. 

Instead, Vlad says that he never paid more than $20 for all the dozens of audio books that he’s listened to, noting their convenience in terms of his busy schedule. From there, he recommends The Snowball by Michael Buffet, who he describes as the “Michael Jordan of stocks.” As someone who didn’t start off wealthy but at one point became the richest man in the world, Vlad believes that Buffet’s success is obtainable by anyone who simply makes the right investments.

Later on, Vlad also recommends The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, which Buffet himself learned from and called it “the greatest book on stock investing ever written.” Additionally, he also mentions Common Stock and Uncommon Profits by Phillip A. Fisher, which focuses on the importance of holding stocks and knowing when to sell them.

Purchase Warren Buffett’s “The Snowball” here –

Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor” –

Philip A. Fisher’s “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits” –