DJ Vlad on Joe Budden, Anti-Gamer Controversy, Donald Trump, His Dream Interview & More

Vlad addresses his recent viral tweet about video games, talks building his business, longevity, Joe Budden, NLE Choppa, and more!

00:00 Intro
1:22 Vlad flexes about his closet is twice the size of this studio
4:27 Vlad says no one can really wear jewelry all day, it’s too heavy
6:26 Ice T tweets about LA g*ngs after the passing of PNB Rock
11:34 PNB Rock was a random robbery
12:08 Can you stay in your restroom for 24 hours? Eat there, sleep there? If not you might not be ready to commit a cr*me
12:58 YSL Rico case
20:24 Ice Spice is having a moment right now, Adam announces that he’s a munch
24:52 Ad Price Pix
26:09 Vlad explains his viral video game tweet and the backlash
29:44 Vlad explains why playing video games is not the same as other hobbies
37:54 Every school sh**ter is allegedly a gamer
44:22 Video games add*ction is a real thing
48:24 Joe Budden disapproval on uploading clips after someone passes away, Vlad rebuttals with Spotify doing the same thing with artists music
50:30 Vlad says Joe Budden has been a hypocrite forever, he should remove all the interviews of people who passed away if that’s the logic he’s going for
52:08 Vlad says that’s what 50 Cent did to Ja Rule and made fun of his singing, Ja Rule career went down and 50 started singing
58:23 Vlad says there’s room for everyone in this game
59:18 Vlad talks about all his interviewers building different relationships and bringing a different vibe to the platform
1:04:45 Vlad wants to drop 100 clips a day, he’s now at 11 clips a day
1:06:33 Vlad’s Boosie interview including the clips, got more than 20M views
1:11:29 Vlad interview style is geared towards making clips
1:15:17 Vlad breaks down how the 50 Cent and Lil Kim beef started
1:18:28 Vlad developing podcasts with some of his hosts like Tony Yayo
1:22:01 Vlad doesn’t pay attention if there are several other podcasts out there
1:35:23 Vlad and Yayo had issues before, had a beef on Twitter
1:36:54 Interviewed a compulsive liar who said he was in the car when 50 got sh*t , Vlad took it down
1:39:47 There might be 50 Cent interview on Vlad, but they haven’t talked in like 10 years
1:40:34 Getting bigger budgets to produce content, might be able to pay 1M for an interview soon for someone like OJ Simpson
1:44:55 Responding to Joe Budden saying it’s vulture-ish to cover gang activities
1:45:45 Vlad says a serious interviewer should ask anything, the art of doing great interviews
1:48:00 Peewy Longway interview was legendary, you don’t have to answer things you don’t want to talk about
1:53:31 Joe Budden built his business by coming for other platforms, no opinions matter to Vlad, doesn’t affect his business
1:56:38 A black man yelling at a white man will always get attention, views despite of the actual facts
1:57:24 Vlad says Joe Budden was actually trying to get to him through Adam
1:59:24 Vlad mild beef interview with NLE Choppa
2:01:16 Vlad knows he touched a nerve with that tweet, the outrage proves it
2:02:17 Rappers backing up Trump, a man without shame
2:08:30 Adam gives Vlad his flowers + Other platforms not acknowledging Vlad and Adam for their work but will nominate someone else who dates such and such






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