Delroy Lindo on #SpikeLee, ‘Da 5 Bloods’, Studying PTSD, Preparing For A Role + More

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Legendary Actor, #DelroyLindo, sat with #NickCannon and discussed his new #Netflix film ‘#Da5Bloods’, directed by Spike Lee, what he does to prepare for a role, emerging himself in books to better understand self-conflict. He also talks about his favorite character, ‘West Indian Archie’, from the film ‘Malcolm X’.

When asked what he did to prepare for this, the actor tells Nick, “I was 16 years old in 1968, and I was also in Europe, so my understanding of the Vietnam conflict was very general. And I set about educating myself, much more specifically in service of this film and service to create this character. The first thing I did was spoke with two cousins of mine who were vets, who both served in Vietnam and struggled with PTSD.” He continued, “My cousins came to visit me on the east coast and we sat and talked. And they shared their experiences with me about Vietnam in general and specifically their struggles with PTSD. I made notes… I watched them… I observed them as they were speaking… and I recorded everything. Then my cousin gave me a box full of photographs that he had taken during his tour in Vietnam. Then I spoke with additional vets, whom all of them spoke about their experiences in “Nam”.

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