Dalmatian and Beagle fall asleep in car

On March 9, 2021 a heartwarming moment was captured in Hamburg, Germany by @dino.and.ruby, who posted it on social media. The video shows two dogs, Dino and Ruby, traveling in a car, with Dino the Dwarf Dalmatian leaning on Ruby the Rescue Beagle, who is fast asleep.

The author of the video captioned it with a quote: “A good friend is someone you can always lean on.” This is certainly true for Dino and Ruby, who have an adorable friendship that is evident in the video.

Dino is a Dwarf Dalmatian, and Ruby is a Rescue Beagle. Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, they share a deep bond that is captured in the video. As they travel in the car, Dino leans on Ruby, showing his trust and affection for his friend. Ruby, on the other hand, is completely relaxed and falls asleep, comfortable with Dino’s presence.

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