Crystal Caines Freestyle and Interview on Sway in the Morning

Who is Crystal Caines? A certified hyena, who was first introduced to us by her fellow Harlem-native, A$AP Ferg.

Joining us for the second time, Ms. Caines proves that being a woman in the game doesn’t stop her grind. After producing for heavy hitters like Skrillex and M.I.A – not to mention making music for herself – this YouTube-taught double-threat is also loaded with BARS.

While in-studio with us, Crystal Caines breaks down her music and why she doesn’t write her music down. In fact, she explains how her recording process is “backwards,” as she listens to the beat in the booth, mumbles a freestyle, then fills in the blanks.

Watch above for more, and of course we couldn’t let her leave with out spitting live! Follow @CrystalCaines. for more.

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