Couple rescue four kittens trapped under car after hearing faint meow sounds

A kind couple rescued four kittens trapped under their car after hearing their faint meow sounds.

Kwanluedee Srisawad was travelling with her boyfriend when they both heard unusual noises from under the floor of their moving sedan in Prachinburi province, Thailand on January 22.

Worried that the cries were from a cat, they stopped at a nearby garage to check underneath and found the adorable litter stuck inside the machiner.

Miraculously they were all unharmed. Footage shows the couple taking turns as they attempted to pull the felines out one-by-one.

Proud cat lover Kwanluedee said: We were driving for almost an hour when we noticed the sounds. We were not sure what that was so we stopped and confirmed.

We took all four of them home. Our friends volunteered to adopt them all.’

The kittens were unhurt and taken home to be given milk. A friend of the couple has now adopted all four of them.

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