Childish Gambino “This Is America” STOLEN MUSIC? | Hip Hop Entertainment News!

Did Childish Gambino steal this is America?Did Donald Glover, aka, Childish Gambino steal his hit “This is America” from another artist?

A lot of people on the Internet believe so, after his song was compared to the rapper Jase Harley’s cut “American Pharoah.”

“The songs are almost identical,” one person wrote on Harley’s Instagram page. “You need to sue and collect your share.”

“Bro, you don’t need to be humble about this,” wrote another. “That song was straight jacked from you. You need to collect.”

If you listen to the songs side by side, you might notice some of the similarities people are speaking of, like the rolling percussion sounds both have and the African styled singing. Plus, Harley says the word “America” throughout his tune, almost in the same cadence as Glover’s hit, and they both do it over dark, heavy bass.

The subject matter of both cuts are also similar.

“I’m young and I’m Black in America / They try to attack and embarrass us / Y’all don’t want ya’ll daughters to marry us … Police killed my best friend, they shoot him dead / I do not forgive, I do not forget / My life is a cliff and I’m by the ledge / And in less that a moment a lot is said,” raps Harley in “American Pharaoh.”

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