Charlamagne on Chris Brown Extorted By Repping Gangs, Katt Williams a Coon

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Charlamagne Tha God has ruffled up a few feathers with his “Donkey of the Day” segments on the popular syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club. Though he’s called out petty criminals, celebrities and even himself over questionable statement and/or acts, he points out his specific beefs with Bow Wow and comedian Katt Williams in this interview with DJ Vlad.

When it comes to speaking his mind about anyone, even former guests and people he’s considered as friends are always up for the embarrassing title. Thus, this was the case with Bow Wow when he called out the rapper for claiming Fox’s Empire portrayed negative stereotypes for Blacks, and refused to ever appear on the show. Charlamagne didn’t hold back and found himself in a twitter feud filled with threats and gang references from Bow. The same has happened when he gave out numerous “Donkey” titles to Williams, who’s gotten into a long list of legal troubles throughout the year.

Check out what Charlamagne had to say