Charlamagne on Boosie Saying Rappers Get Killed in Their Own Cities

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In Hip-Hop, being flashy with intricate diamonds and walking around with large wads of cash to be noticed is normal, however, now the new norm seems to be simplicity, according to Charlamagne. While addressing Boosie’s previous interview with DJ Vlad about big artists leaving their hood due to jealousy, hatred and even threats, Charlamagne gives his take on why so many rappers are killed in their own cities and why he refuses to spend thousands on a presidential Rolex. “I rather give that money to somebody.” He said, “I’m going to leave here and go to the bank and I’m donating money to two different basketball teams.”

After being unemployed 7 times, he believes being flashy doesn’t mean you’re rich and says that Hip-Hop has finally started making real money with moguls like Jay Z and Dr. Dre making huge business moves outside of music.

Check out the interview above and tell us what you think.