Charlamagne Interview Drake is Upset About: There’s Gay, Straight & Drake

In light of Drake responding to Charlamagne’s criticism of his new single with SZA, which he did by referencing Charlamagne’s 2013 VladTV interview, we take a look back at that moment. During his sit-down, Charlamagne was asked about Drake being upset that people were calling him emotional and lonely, and he went on to speak about how Jay-Z, Birdman, and other big artists have received “so much slander” over the years. When asked about the definition of “Drake,” Charlamagne pointed to Drake’s response to Kendrick’s “Control” verse, and he stated that Drake is the type of guy to wear pajamas with footies. After speaking about how Drake wasn’t solidified at the time, Charlamagne went on to speak about Chris Brown and Drake.