Celebrity Kids Million Dollar Lifestyles

This is a compilation of some of the top videos we have done so far about celebrity kids and their luxurious lifestyle

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20 Expensive Gifts Bought For The Kardashian Kids https://youtu.be/gZipFP-VOfE
12 Times Kulture And Stormi Made Us Feel Poor https://youtu.be/j_Cqc8sFHwM
15 Times Stormi Was Spoiled By Kylie And Travis https://youtu.be/CwNehDr7D88
The Lavish Life Of True Thompson https://youtu.be/leQew4xRu60
15 Most Expensive Outfits Cardi B’s Kids Have Worn https://youtu.be/DXmdwMn2cyw
Celebrity Kids Who Have A Higher Net Worth Than You https://youtu.be/9NNYTWGndl8
15 Crazy Expensive Things Celebs Bought Their Kids https://youtu.be/N2rL4IgaL2o

These can be used on the back end of the video as they are older and have assets that are dated:
Stormi Webster’s Toys Are Worth Millions https://youtu.be/8hIEhvfL5ws
Bizarrely Expensive Things Kylie Jenner Bought Stormi https://youtu.be/b3i1rthQ3vQ
The Expensive Fashions Of Cardi-B’s Daughter Kulture https://youtu.be/pGzam68lAyQ

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