EST Gee – IF I STOP NOW (Official Music Video)

Listen to “IF I STOP NOW” now: Follow EST Gee: Tweets by ESTGEE Home #ESTGee #IFISTOPNOW #BLOWUP Music video by EST Gee performing IF I STOP NOW. © 2023 Foundation Entertainment/Interscope Records

Rich The Kid, Famous Dex, Jay Critch – Where’s Dexter (Official Video)

The official video for Rich The Kid’s “Where’s Dexter” feat. Famous Dex & Jay Critch Listen to “Where’s Dexter” here – Follow Rich The Kid: Tweets by richthekid #WheresDexter #RichTheKid #FamousDex #JayCritch

Coi Leray – Players (DJ Smallz 732 – Jersey Club Remix) (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Coi Leray “Players (DJ Smallz 732 – Jersey Club Remix)”, available everywhere now: #CoiLeray #Players Music video by Coi Leray performing Players (DJ Smallz 732 – Jersey Club Remix). © 2023 Uptown Records, a division of Republic Records and UMG Recordings, Inc.

2 Chainz – 2 Step (From the new “House Party” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Stream/Download “2 Step” Official Lyric Video HOUSE PARTY. ONLY IN THEATERS. JANUARY 13. Follow Chainz: Tweets by 2chainz #2Chainz #2Step #houseparty

Rae Sremmurd – Torpedo (Official Music Video)

“Torpedo” from Rae Sremmurd available now – SREMM4LIFE album coming soon. Stay tuned to for details. Follow Rae Sremmurd: Instagram – TikTok – Twitter – Facebook – Soundcloud – Apple Music – Spotify – #RaeSremmurd #Torpedo #SREMM4LIFE Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Torpedo. © 2022 […]

Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupting at night

Impressive drone video of Volcn del Fuego, which is located about 35km (22 miles) from Guatemala City and is one of the most active volcanoes in the region, captured on December 11. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280 Clip ID: […]

Driver shows off his off-road skills by powering through muddy ditch

A driver showed off his impressive off-road skills by powering through this narrow muddy ditch. The black Toyota Fortuner inched through the crevice in the jungle in Kanchanaburi, western Thailand, on December 13. Impressed onlooker Achaluk said: ‘I was in awe of his skills’. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this […]

Don’t mess with this gangsta crab…

#shorts We don’t know what this crab is angry about, but something is clearly bothering it. The video, taken on June 10, shows a crab lifting up one of its claws and moving it horizontally across its body in a movement that perfectly resembles the cut-throat gesture. Caroline Inkeroinen was on vacation in Greece when […]

Pilot maneuvers plane and makes wife float up into the air

#shorts John is a pilot from Salt Lake City, Utah who decides to prank his sleeping wife named Darby. John maneuvers the plane to make Darby float up which quickly wakes her up. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280 Clip […]

Two-year-old can’t contain her laughter as dad paints her face in yoghurt

#shorts This two-year-old girl can’t contain her laughter as her dad covers her face in yoghurt as a punishment for not eating her dinner. Kyra’s dad Ian told Newsflare: “My daughter wouldn’t eat her dinner and asked for yoghurt instead. I told her if she doesn’t eat her dinner I’d put yoghurt all over her […]

Girl who wanted baby sister is very upset by gender reveal

Adorable video of parents revealing the gender of their new sibling to their children. The footage, shot on July 25 in San Diego, California, shows the three children opening a box containing either a Barbie doll if it’s a girl or a Star Wars character if it’s a boy. As they pull out a Star […]

Girl renovates the wrong bathroom and mom is furious

#shorts A young woman in Winters, Texas, is proud of herself as she starts knocking down the remaining tile in the shower, not realizing it is the wrong bathroom. Filmed on April 22, 2020, a woman walks in horrified, and starts yelling that she is redoing the wrong bathroom. This footage is being managed exclusively […]

Tyga, Chris Brown – Nasty (Official Video)

Listen to the single “Nasty”. Out Now! Stream: #Tyga #ChrisBrown #Nasty Official Video by Tyga & Chris Brown – “Nasty” © 2022 Last Kings Music / EMPIRE

Hilarious cat protective over it’s food

#shorts Barbara’s cat gets its hands on a piece of kabanos sausage and won’t let anyone take it away. Her cat firmly bites on the sausage and paws at anyone trying to take it away. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 203 937 […]

Two adorable dogs divided by glass share kisses

#shorts Two adorable dogs stare at each other and play while being divided by a glass window in Budapest, Hungary. The footage shows the two animals interacting through the window at first and then finally meeting to share kisses and have fun. The filmer said: “Frenchie Stitch noticed his Corgi friend in a shopping mall. […]

Cat disgusted by stinky owner 😂

#shorts Hayley’s cat is smelling her boyfriend Tyler’s leg in Oakley, California. She asks her cat if he’s stinky and her cat looks up with a funny expression on its face and its mouth open. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 203 937 […]

Cheeky cat removes towels from shelves so it can take a seat

This 10-year-old cat threw its owners towels onto the bathroom floor – so it could get comfy and take a seat on a shelf. The Siamese mixed-breed cat, named Bacardi by its owner, makes itself comfy in the bathroom at home in Leipzig, Germany, with one towel to lie on while the rest are on […]

Staffordshire bullterrier bonds with cows

#shorts A six-year-old Staffordshire bullterrier enjoys the affectionate attention of a group of cows in Sempach, Switzerland. The video shows the animals licking the black dog as it patiently stands there in love with the cuddles. The filmer said: “Kenshi loves being with cows. He’s very playful and adorable.” This footage is being managed exclusively […]

Corgi is extremely impatient while waiting for owner

#shorts A Corgi named Monica is extremely impatient and spins in circles while waiting for its owner to come home. The five-year-old dog was rescued from China. The video shows Monica spinning in circles around its furry friend, another Corgi named Ripley, in front of the main door. “They wait almost daily for their dad […]

Strange monkey with a humanlike face

A monkey with a humanlike face has broken the Chinese internet. The video, filmed on March 11 at a Tianjin zoo, shows a monkey with a man’s face looking like its a bit confused in the enclosure. Internet users joked that a zookeeper dressed up as a monkey and stayed in the enclosure. This footage […]

Domino’s delivery driver topples off moped while performing wheelie

#shorts An amusing video has emerged of a pizza delivery driver falling off his moped while performing a wheelie. The footage, captured on Sunday in London, UK, shows the Domino’s delivery man toppling backwards on his vehicle while performing the tricky stunt. The fail prompts howls of laughter from a crowd of people he was […]

Cute toddler corrects mum’s pronunciation

#shorts Amusing footage has emerged of a toddler correcting his mum’s pronunciation while she reads him a story The video, captured at a home in Kingston, UK, shows 2-year-old Harrison interrupting his mum after she pronounces bath as ‘baff’. He then corrects her, pointing out that it is ‘barf’, prompting a hilarious argument between the […]

Cat found the most inappropriate moment to go to the toilet

#shorts This cat found the most inappropriate moment to go to the toilet – in the middle of graduation. The stray moggy wandered into the covered court midway through the high school graduation ceremony in Imus, Cavite, the Philippines on April 4. While students were receiving their certificates, the feline crouched in the aisle and […]

Coffee container spillage requires massive cleanup

A New Jersey-based employee attempts to take a large container of cold brew out of the fridge but ends up spilling the entire bucket on the floor instead on February 21. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280 Clip ID: 420937 […]

He thought no one was watching him

#shorts My son was waiting for his nana in the truck and got really bored and when she came out she caught him on video This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280 Clip ID: 165138 Subscribe to NewsflareBreaking: Facebook […]

Baby has hilarious reaction to seeing her dad without a beard

This little girl was baffled by her father’s new appearance after he had shaved his beard off completely. The footage, filmed in October 2016, shows the seven-month-old Nairi getting confused by her dad’s clean-shaven face, and she starts crying about his facial hair loss. She gets confused and cries for about a minute as I […]

Incredible near miss between car and lorry

A dramatic video has emerged of a near miss involving a car and a lorry at an intersection near Port Washington, Wisconsin on Thursday. The footage, captured by a dashcam in another vehicle, shows the moment the car shoots out into oncoming traffic – coming within inches of being hit by the passing lorry. Writing […]

Learner driver freaks out as she gets behind the wheel for the first time

Hilarious footage has emerged of a man teaching his housekeeper how to drive for the first time in the streets of Sunset Beach, Cape Town. After asking to learn how to drive for three years, Caroline finally got behind the wheel on October 26. As Joshua Rubin explains it, Caroline and him “are like brother […]

Dog pushes cat off bed to get better view of TV

#shorts Annie (the dog) and Stevie (the cat) were laying in bed when Annie decided it was time for Stevie to get off the bed, apparently. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280 Clip ID: 317132 Subscribe to NewsflareBreaking: Facebook […]

Dad turns his daughter into an astronaut

#shorts An amusing video has emerged of a man pretending his young daughter is an astronaut. The devoted dad from Prague, Czech Republic, picks 15-month-old Josephine Sevcikovi up by the shoulders of her babygro and flies her around the familys sitting room. Young Josephine clearly enjoys the game and, after returning to earth, immediately asks […]

Cat hilariously fails at climbing over bathtub

#shorts A cat named Dart tried to walk on the edge of a bathtub while her owner took a bath and adorably fell in. In the footage, Dart is seen attempting to get to the other side of the bath while her owner is bathing, but gets stuck trying to climb over the faucet and […]

30 Crazy Soccer Moments Caught on Camera

We’ve been inspired by the World Cup! From incredible moments from intense games to trick shots to a few crazy wipeouts, these folks know their way around a ball. We never quite figured out if it’s football or soccer, but we know these these videos are amazing! Subscribe to NewsflareBreaking: Connect with NewsflareBreaking Online: […]

Canada lynx enjoy cuddles from carer

An adorable video has emerged of a Canada lynx receiving cuddles form his carer in Salem, NY, USA. The footage, shot last last month, shows Max, 5, letting his owner pet his fluffy head. “He was obtained by an independent wildlife educator for the sole purpose of educating children about the endangered lynx species, other […]

Texas woman learns the hard way that jungle gyms are for kids

A mother learned the hard way that jungle play equipment is really designed for kids, when she fell from the top through five nets down to the ground. The clip, filmed on January 26 in Mesquite, Texas, shows Jill Mayhall fall through the netting that children are meant to climb up, narrowly missing a child […]

Toddler can’t work out how to carry rocks

#shorts Paying attention to detail doesn’t seem to be a strong suit of one of the kids featured in this endearing video. The footage shows said kid (in grey) trying to put the rocks, on a beach shore, under her shirt. What she fails to realize is that whenever she goes on to pick a […]

Toddler insists that she has a boyfriend despite father’s disapproval

A funny video has emerged of a father and his daughter arguing over the fact that she can’t have a boyfriend. The footage, shot at their home in Raymondville, TX, USA, on May 28, shows the two-year-old girl telling her mother she has a boyfriend, news to which her father screams “no!” from the other […]

Dad simulates rollercoaster ride for baby daughter

#shorts This dad thought it would be fun to give his daughter a virtual rollercoaster experience at home. The footage shows the father holding up her daughter inside of a walker and moving it around in front of video footage of a rollercoaster ride. At the end of the “ride”, the baby girl seems to […]

A herd of 25 bathing hippos look like a moving pool

A herd of bathing hippos look like a bubbling mud pool as they move like a liquid. Krishna Sookrit was volunteering in Uganda when she went to visit the countrys Queen Elizabeth National Park on November 3 and was greeted by a smelly sight. Hilarious footage shows a mound of earth moving like a fluid […]

YG, Lil Wayne – Miss My Dawgs

Stream/Download: The Red Cup Tour 2023 Shop | Follow YG: Instagram | TikTok | Triller | Twitter | Facebook | #YG #LilWayne #MissMyDawgs

Adorable baby hippo nuzzles keeper

#shorts An adorable baby hippo greets its keeper by nuzzling his arm. The cute little creature, named Sam, greeted his human friend, Benz, in his enclosure at the Khaokaew zoo, Chonburi, eastern Thailand, on January 7. Filmer Benz said: “We play like this every time I visit him. Just look at how adorable he is.” […]

Motorists flee as huge avalanche slides onto road in northern India

Motorists in northern India were stunned on Wednesday (January 8th) when a large avalanche slid down a mountainside and onto the road in front of them. The incident took place in Kinnaur district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The clip shows motorists risking their lives to film as huge piles of snow are shunted […]

Hungry cockatoo lets out hilarious screams

#shorts This is the horrendous sound of a hungry cockatoo. The clip, filmed on June 9 in Mount Barker, South Australia shows the moment a juvenile cockatoo perched on top of a post started to scream for its mother to feed it. The sulphur-crested cockatoo is known to scream when they are bored, hungry or […]

Moneybagg Yo – Quickie (Official Music Video)

Stream Moneybagg Yo’s new song “Quickie” Follow Moneybagg Yo: Tweets by MoneyBaggYo #MoneybaggYo #Quickie Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing Quickie. © 2022 CMG/N-Less/Interscope Records

Hilarious Cat Reacts To Gross Human Food!

#shorts This curious cat clearly isn’t a fan of her owner’s cooking as she gags purely from the smell of the meals. As Nymeria, a 15-month-old cat, gets a whiff of the popular human dishes she can’t help but gag. Pasta, chicken, fuet, lasagna and an omelette were just some of the meals that provoked […]

Cat eats sushi in the most ridiculous way

#shorts This is the amusing moment a cat snagged a piece of a sushi roll and ridiculously started chewing a piece of fish in Minsk, Belarus on September 27. The filmer @laitmsn said: “Barney is an eight-month-old male cat we took from the village. He constantly tries to steal something from the table when we […]

Cat mesmerised by fake fish

#shorts Just an amusing clip from the UK of a cat called Nala which became mesmerised by a fake fish in a light. “I finally got around to filling the fish tube light with water,” Nala’s owner explained. “Was testing it and Nala took an instant interest in the plastic fish. It was both cute […]

Family of five forced back into parents’ house after cost of living crisis

A mum had to move her family back into her parent’s house after the cost of living crisis nearly doubled her bills and grocery costs. Substitute teacher Katie Ziemer, 28, moved her family out of their home when her husband was injured at work and their monthly expenses went up 40% – reaching 1,450,000 ($1,750)-a-month. […]