Britney Spears Will Never See Her Kids Again

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Will Britney Ever Get Full Custody Again? Watch And Find Out.

Britney Spears spends a ton of time in the spotlight, but her kids seem to enjoy keeping their private lives private. Well. . .mostly! An Instagram Live shared by her son, Jayden James got people talking as he spoke about his tumultuous relationship with his grandfather James Spears and the possibility of his mom putting a stop to her music career! This pop star’s ex husband Kevin Federline has gone through a lengthy custody battle regarding their children and at times her visitation rights have suffered when she was struggling with her mental health. How did her son’s restraining order impact their relationship? We’ll talk about that and how much she’s spent on child support over the years. As soon as Sean Preston was born fans were questioning her parenting tactics, but she’s improved a lot and now her co parenting relationship is better than ever before. We’ll also talk about how her career has impacted her kids and that could be why she’s trying to pull back after all these years.

What do you think about the custody arrangement the courts have decided on for the Princess of Pop? Do you think she gets to spend enough time with her kids or should she be getting more hours per week with them? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and make sure to click on the subscribe button and turn on your notifications so you stay up to date with us here at The Talko.

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Written by: Nomde Plume
Narrated by: Carmen S.
Edited by: Ajay Danny

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