Blueface Stabbed! Amber Rose Beef! Crip Mac Being Taken Advantage Of & More

Adam and Wack, accompanied by Ricc Rocc, go in on the Blueface situation, Amber Rose, Tony Willrich, Crip Mac, JT The Bigga Figga, Charleston White and more!

0:00 Intro
4:15 Rick Rock gives his opinion on Wack100, describes him as a Don King and Charleston White type
5:40 Rick Rock brings a monkey to the podcast and Wack praises Adam’s podcasting skill
14:00 Wack says his diaper company is going to blow up in the next 5 years
15:10 Wack speaks about Nipsey movement after Big U told gang members to do a peace walk for Nipsey
19:00 Adam says they don’t make murals and statues of artist when they’re still alive, and discuss Bill Cosby getting his statue removed
21:55 Adam talks about Rick Rock posting about him on instagram, and Rick Rock tells Adam why he has a problem with him speaking on gang members
24:00 Adam asks Rick Rock about managing Crip Mac
29:00- Rick Rock speaks on helping Crip Mac and paying rent on his podcast studio, Wack100 speaks on wanting to get Crip Mac in a boxing match
32:10 Rick Rock speaks on Crip Mac and not being able to take him to certain places
37:10 Rick Rock talks about wanting to make a movie with Crip Mac, Wack says Adam wanted to sign Crip Mac and wanting to remove his forehead tattoo to make him a bigger star
40:25 Rick Rock speaks on Crip Mac interviewing the ‘gay crip’ and says there’s no such thing as a ‘gay crip’
42:00 Rick Rock says he wants Crip Mac to remove the “Crip” from his name, because it makes the Crips look a certain way, says CRIP Mac should have denied the interview
49:00 Wack100 speaks about getting arrested in New York by the “hip-hop” police, Rick Rock says he’d box China Mac and ODM Slim
51:30 Wck and Rick Rock say Crip Mac should change his name back to CMac Da Loc, says China Mac is stealing money
53:10 Adam asks Wack100 what happened with Blueface getting s****ed at a boxing match, Rick Rock speaks on being The Games security
58:30 Adam asks Wack for details about how Blueface got s****ed
1:05:10 Wack asks Adam why Richard Spencer hasn’t responded, Wack calls Floyd Mayweather and speaks about fighting with Blueface
1:12:00 Adam & Wack talk about their relationship with Jason Lee
1:14:30 Adam asks Wack100 about his beef with Amber Rose, and Wack calls out Adam for lying about JT The Bigga Figga coming that day, calls him a hustler and has no problem with him
1:18:30 Wack asks Adam if he thinks he would disrespect his place of business over some gang shit
1:21:10 Wack says Ray J and Jason Lee told him to relax on his beef with Amber Rose, Adam asks Wack why he implied that Wiz Khalifa is gay
1:24:55 Wack100 says he’s making an R.Kelly show called Saving R.Kelly
1:27:25 Wack100 speaks on Charleston White pepper spraying someone
1:37:30 Adam talks about Lena going to a party and seeing a fan wearing a shirt with her picture on it





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