Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer: “We Spend $300k To Keep a Kid Incarcerated”

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California Assembly Member, Reggie Jones-Sawyer stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to discuss social justice, race relations, upgrading healthcare, economic development, and public safety.
The CA Assembly Member spoke about what his ultimate message to our community would be, he says:
“We are in a seminal moment, this is what I tell young people who feel that everything is out of control, there’s not something they can do… I tell that 2020 when you’re sitting around with your great-great-grandchildren, and they ask you, “what did you do in 2020?” You want to be able to say, “I marched, I protested, I helped to get legislation through, I changed the way policing is done in this country, that your life is so much better, from what happened in 2020.”
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