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Subscribe to Sway’s Universe for more 🔥: Dive deep into the heart of Bay Area hip-hop with this exclusive tell-all from Alex Mejia, the unsung hero whose behind-the-scenes magic lifted the scene to legendary status. From teen ambitions to industry icons, witness how his unwavering belief and relentless dedication ignited the careers of Bay Area giants like Sway, King Tech, and countless others. Unearth the roots of a cultural powerhouse and celebrate the integrity, innovation, and indelible impact of a true visionary. Don’t miss this unparalleled glimpse into hip-hop history, only on Sway In The Morning. Want more epic content? Explore exclusive interviews with hip-hop luminaries and changemakers like #RoyalFlush, #KirkFranklin, and #dee1, all right here on Sway’s Universe. Follow us on social media and check out our website for the latest in music, culture, and the voices shaping our world.

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0:00 – Sway & Tech’s Bay Area Influence
7:17 – Alex Mejia’s Bay Area Legacy
11:58 – Spotlight on Alex Mejia
17:09 – The 10 O’Clock Bomb Explained
17:37 – Westside Radio Connection Explored
19:35 – Tupac and West Side Connection
24:20 – Twitch Community Building by Alex Mejia
27:34 – Connecting with Alex Mejia
30:10 – Alex Mejia DJ Mix Session

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