Alan Dershowitz on Why Donald Trump will be Convicted But Won’t Do Any Prison Time (Part 1)

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Renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz joined VladTV for a talk focusing on the four legal cases against Donald Trump. Dershowitz predicts Trump will not end up in prison but believes he’ll see mixed results at trial, suggesting Trump could potentially face a political vendetta. He also feels a conviction could result from the Georgia State case due to the mandatory prison term that a Racketeer Influenced, Corrupt Organization (RICO) conviction entails.

Dershowitz criticized New York’s hush money case against Trump as the worst he’s seen in 60 years of law, labeling it as an ‘absurd embarrassment’ to the New York legal system. He also discussed the federal withholding of defense information case, predicting a conviction but only on minor charges. Dershowitz concluded by remarking on the highly emotional and politically loaded nature of these cases and questioning the ability for fair trials and verdicts for Trump.