5 MINUTES AGO:Jaguar Wright Leaks Video Showing Beyoncé with Her Lesbian Girlfriend

EXCLUSIVE:Jaguar Wright Drops Freaky Video Of Beyonce And Her Lesbian Girlfriend
Jaguar Wright has made several accusations against Beyoncé, suggesting that she and Jay-Z are involved in dark magic and black magic. Wright claims that Beyoncé has used hypnotism and drugs to manipulate people, recounting an incident where Beyoncé allegedly took advantage of an unconscious woman. These claims have caused a stir, with Wright stating that the courts have not provided adequate protection to the alleged victims, advising them instead to stay away from Beyoncé and seek employment elsewhere. Wright’s narrative includes dramatic descriptions of Beyoncé’s alleged actions, like “killing people’s cats” as part of her dark practices.
Wright’s mission to expose Beyoncé and Jay-Z involves painting a picture of a sinister and controlling couple, deeply entrenched in occult activities. She asserts that Beyoncé’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce, introduced years ago, is not merely a stage persona but a darker force that possesses Beyoncé during her performances. Beyoncé herself has talked about Sasha Fierce, saying that this alter ego takes over before big performances, making her feel like something else has entered her. Wright’s depiction of Sasha Fierce aligns with her broader accusations of Beyoncé’s engagement in witchcraft and manipulation.
In addition to Wright’s claims, there have been past allegations that further this narrative. In 2018, Beyoncé’s former drummer, who played with her for seven years, accused Beyoncé of using extreme witchcraft and dark magic. The drummer claimed that Beyoncé had tapped her phone, controlled her finances, and used witchcraft to keep her quiet after she left the band. These allegations led the drummer to file for a restraining order, although it was initially denied. Despite the lack of legal support, the drummer’s accusations added fuel to the rumors of Beyoncé’s involvement in dark practices.

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