25 Epic Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements Of All Time

From Elaborate Instagram Posts To Not Announcing It – These Pregnant Celebs Know What They’re Doing
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Baby announcements are always fun, especially celebrity pregnancy announcements. It is a great joy to bring a baby to this world. Celebrities often go above and beyond to announce to the world they are expecting. Take Beyonce for example, for every pregnancy reveal, she broke the internet. The first time was her iconic MTV Music Awards Performance of Love on Top. The second time with her beautiful pregnancy photoshoots. Recently, Gigi Hadid had an iconic maternity photoshoot on Instagram. Nicki Minaj also had an iconic pregnancy photoshoot. Kylie Jenner had a secret pregnancy, so did Iggy Azalea. Katy Perry and Chrissy Tiegan unveiled the news through music videos. Cardi B had a memorable performance on Saturday Night Live. Many celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Kelly Rowland, Fergie, Coco Rocha, Emma Roberts, Anne Hathaway, and Kate Upton announced their pregnancy through social media. Kate Hudson and Ciara announced through gender reveal parties. Jensen Ackles and Kelly Rowland were more creative using pairs of shoes. As for Kirsten Dunst and Cheryl Cole, they showed the world their baby bumps while getting paid to appear in ads. Serena Williams won a tennis open while pregnant.

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