25 Celebrities Who Got Pregnant Over 40

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When It Comes To These Celebrities, It’s Never Too Late To Have Children Again
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Some stars like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner started having kids earlier in life, but others chose to wait to start their families. Let’s take a look at some celebrity pregnancies that took place once the mom-to-be was over 40 years old. Gwen Stefani thinks her son Apollo is a miracle baby, and Eva Longoria believes her son Santiago came at just the right time. Celine Dion even took a hiatus from her career to have children, and had twins when she was 42. Alanis Morissette suffered from severe PPD, and Rachel Weisz once thought she would end up having way more kids. . .until she had her daughter! Julianne Moore admits motherhood is challenging, and Naomi Watts wishes she had started growing her family earlier. Laura Linney kept her pregnancy such a secret that some fans suspected she had hired a surrogate! Chloe Sevigny joked about having a daughter to pass her clothes down to but instead ended up having a son. Tina Fey took a break to have her second child at age 41, and Halle Berry loved having children in her 40s.

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