15 Ways Kanye Has Tried To Win Kim Back

Kanye West isn’t ready to give up on Kim Kardashian just yet! The rapper keeps trying to win her back but Kim is having none of it.

When Kanye recently performed at the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert, he made a big gesture towards his former partner in an attempt to reconcile their dramatic split. n November, the day after one of his attempted apologies to Kim AND the same day as the passing of his friend and former collaborator Virgil Abloh, the star erased every single post from his social media. In a pre-Thanksgiving rant, Kanye desperately tried to win Kim back when he publicly admitted that he’d made some major mistakes throughout their relationship. In a five-minute video which he called his “Thanksgiving Prayer,” Kanye spoke about his hopes of reuniting his family with Kim and the kids.

Kim doesn’t seem at all interested in reconciling with Kanye, especially since she’s been openly seeing SNL comedian Pete Davidson since first going public in November!

Kanye isn’t done trying to win back Kim! He’s still trying to prove that they belong together! Do these two have a chance of getting back together and starting over? Or is it all over for Ye?

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0:00 INTRO
0:11 Run Right Back
1:16 Social Media Restart
2:00 Admitting Mistakes
2:49 Being Honest
3:32 LowKey Dating
4:06 Bringing Religion Into It
4:46 Playing Nice
5:21 Not Giving His Blessing
6:05 Keeping Kim Close
6:43 Co-Parenting
7:22 Think She’s Still In Love
8:00 Showing Love
8:29 Cryptic Messages
8:58 Confessions
9:24 Still Invited
10:10 END

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