15 Strict Laws The Royal Family Doesn’t Have To Follow

Being part of the British royal family comes with a long list of rules and laws for being a royal. Like the types of food you can eat or how you have to sit in public. But there are some laws the royals don’t have to follow that we commoners do. If they chose to get a little unlawful, they won’t have the same consequences we do.
The Queen doesn’t have to worry about breaking the law because she is the law. So no worries about dealing with speeding tickets, or proper documentation to drive or travel. When your title and name are all over legal documentation and official paperwork, it’s hard to go against yourself. That’s also the reason why the Queen and her immediate family won’t ever be called for jury duty.
Since the Queen and her family are exempt from so many laws, they’re also exempt from their civic duty to pay taxes. Yup, tax season must have been a breeze in the royal household. Until the 90s when her majesty changed things up a little.
But not all laws are as regular, there are still some obscure laws only the Queen is allowed to break in Britain including owning dolphins and swans.
The royals, but especially Her Majesty could get away with quite a lot if she really wanted to. Which law exemption was the most shocking to you? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to like, share and subscribe to The Things Celebrity for more on your favourite celebs!

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00:00 INTRO
00:16 Queen’s Sovereign Immunity
00:57 No Taxes
01:59 No Passport
02:42 License-Free Driving
03:17 No Jury Duty
03:59 No Speeding Tickets
04:40 It’s Confidential
05:17 No Need for Last Names
06:02 Automatic Legal Custody
06:34 2 Birthdays
07:12 No voting
07:48 Own Dolphins and Whales
08:32 Personal ATM
09:05 The Swan Law
09:40 To sue, but not be sued
10:18 Outro

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Written by: Elizabeth Oloidi
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Steven Sune

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