15 Fashion Trends From The 2000’s That Need To Stay There

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Experts agree that fashion trends tend to be cyclical but there are some styles we’re hoping are gone for good. We’ll talk about some looks that need to stay in the 2000’s. If you remember being covered head to toe in Ed Hardy, you know what we’re talking about! We’re all for staying comfy, but wearing velour tracksuits and nightgown dresses isn’t the right answer! Yoga pants are a great cozy alternative so don’t bother reaching for those unflattering knee-length leggings. A messy bun can hide frizzy hair even better than a trucker hat and there are better ways to add some shine to your outfit besides a statement belt. If you’re trying to stay warm, there are way better options than a cropped cardigan or a short-sleeved jacket. It can be difficult to put together a matching outfit, but by choosing to wear boho skirts or gaucho pants you’re making things even worse for yourself! There are so many gorgeous scarf options from hand knitted to infinity that it just doesn’t make time to waste time and money on inferior thin scarves. If you’re trying to decide what to get rid of the next time you do a closet overhaul, we definitely have some ideas!

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