12 Surprising Celebs That Starred On Broadway

You may remember the first time you noticed these celebs and their acting chops; it was probably on TV or in the cinemas. However, a lot of your favorite celebs have honed and developed their skills off-screen and opted for the hustle and bustle of theatre, especially musical theatre. You’ll be surprised to know how many of your favorite movie stars are also Broadway stars. So, we’re going to surprise you with all the celebs that have starred on Broadway at some point in their career.

Some got their start on Broadway as just elementary schoolers, looking at you, Nick Jonas, and Tom Holland. While other stars, like Viola Davis and Emma Stone, who both have Oscars now, were a little older for their Broadway debuts, it was the beginning of something new in their career.
No matter how advanced they were in their careers, starring on Broadway wasn’t a one-time thing for these celebs. Many of them loved it so much the first time they returned to the big stage for another hit of the adrenaline of being on stage, even if some of them would describe their performance as a “catastrophic failure.”

Your favorite celebs have shown off their multifaceted, immense talent in their starring roles on Broadway over the years, it’s no surprise they stay booked and busy. How surprised were you to find out some of your favorite actors are also triple threats that can sing, dance, and act? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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0:00 Intro
0:12 Ariana Grande
0:56 Tom Holland
1:36 Emma Stone
2:11 Lea Michele
2:49 Nick Jonas
3:24 Gaten Matarazzo
4:03 Emilia Clarke
4:45 Sarah Hyland
5:26 Kristen Bell
6:03 Keke Palmer
6:42 Leighton Meester
7:20 Viola Davis
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Written by: Elizabeth Oloidi
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