10 Strict Rules The Bachelor Peter Weber Has Broken

The Bachelors Are Required To Follow Rules, But Peter Weber Loves To Break Them.
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The Bachelor has been going strong for a long time, and part of the reason for that is because there are plenty of strict rules contestants are supposed to follow. But even though that helps keep things organized, it’s occasionally more interesting when they’re not obeyed to the letter! Peter Weber doesn’t seem interested in playing along while looking for his future wife and has broken some of the core tenants of the show already! First there was his kissing record which gave fans a first impression about how the show will go! He brought back Alayah Benavidez after the rose ceremony which is totally unheard of! And then there’s the fact that he seems to be falling head over heels for contestant Madison Prewett way too fast! His predecessor Colton Underwood may have hopped a fence, but inviting Hannah Brown back was truly a next level move. We can’t wait to see who ends up walking away with that highly coveted engagement ring! This year’s Bachelor has broken the fourth wall but he’s’ definitely not finished breaking hearts yet.

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