10 Beautiful Women With Extremely Rare Skin Conditions

Get Inspired By These Women Who Are Loving The Skin They Are In
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These women give heart and meaning to the expression, “love the skin you’re in.” All of these women have two things in common: they have rare skin conditions, and they are not letting it stop them from embracing and loving life. Winnie Harlow and friend of Kim Kardashian is the first model with vitiligo to ever walk the runway in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Mirian Njoh is a stylist, model, and photographer with albinism. Sarah Taylor has learned to love and embrace the birthmark on her face. Kokie Childers has a bunch of bold freckles on her face. But she proudly shows them off. Ied Jeyza Gary has a condition called Lamellar Ichthyosis, which causes scales on the skin. But she’s an inspirational model representing under-represented people in the modeling world.

Juliet Cooke struggled at first when her hair started falling out due to Alopecia. But now she uses her condition to connect her with a community that is struggling with the same thing. Victoria’s Secret Angel, Taylor Hill, has been very open about her struggles with acne. She posts makeup-free selfies on Instagram, which is incredibly encouraging to her fans who also suffer from the condition. Amber Marine proudly shares that her birthmark does not define her. Instead, it makes her strong and beautiful. Diandra Forest has been asked if she is a ghost, which was particularly painful, since she identifies as black. But she claps back with a love for herself, albinism and all. Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules struggles with psoriasis, but she has a great sense of humor about it. Here are 10 beautiful women with rare skin conditions.

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