YNW Melly Getting RELEASED on Bond this Week? Lil Pump OFFICIALLY Quits Rapping

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#InDaNewsDaily #YNWMelly #LilPump #ValentinesDay For in The News TV Daily, Rapper Lil Pump OFFICIALLY quits from Rap, YNW Melly getting released on Bond Soon? This is according to very experienced lawyers, plus, We show what celebrities are doing for their significant others for Valentine’s Day.

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Let’s get into the news:

Happy Valentines Day to everyone, from In Da News TV, and as well as Trick Daddy and Future, we have something special for everyone, check out the Miami legend, Trick Daddy giving out flowers to the young ladies in the community, Roll it. Also, here is what Future did for his new girlfriend, Lori Harvey, Roll it. Let me know what you got planned for Valentines Day, if you take this day seriously, let me know.

Ok, let’s get into the news:

So Lil Pump has officials quit rap, the rapper who named himself the Harvard Dropout went to his social media page and announced to the world that he is done making music. In the caption it says, I’m done making music. I quit… “in the picture, shown here, it shows Lil Pump showing his watch and announcing the retirement. Lil pump is huge when it comes to being in his Lane for music, now just a few months ago, pump said he was the hottest rapper on the planet, not only does he have confidence in his rapping ability, but the rapper, gives back to the community, just two months ago, the Miami based rapper was seen on camera giving back the homeless by passing out food and clothes on Skid Row, in Los Angeles during the holidays. Now it’s not clear, wither its a label issue, or just losing interest in the music, Lil Pump is making his money other places, now according to reports, Lil Pump is the face to an LA-based company which is called Smoke Unhappy. He joined the team for Unhappy as the face of the brand and the official product tester. He also was hired to offer the team his creative approach and marketing ideas. Let’s talk about this in the comments, are you ok with Lil Pump leaving the industry or he’s just getting started…d. let me know in the comments…

Now Speaking of a Flordia artist, I wanted to give everyone an update on the Rapper YNW Melly. Catching everyone up to speed, Melly’s Lawyer believes his legal issues are going to end with him being feed. As of now, the rapper is behind bars waiting for the trial for two guys passing away, an attorney by the name of Bradford Cohen shared to his IG saying that Melly would be cleared from the case due to lack of evidence. The Lawyer went to his page to say this “This will be an exciting trial, I am no longer representing Melly in this matter, but I predict a not guilty outcome, based on all of the evidence I have received. This is the same guy who is currently representing Kodak Black. According to his old Lawyer, he said this. He has some outstanding attorneys that he believes he will be able to secure a favorable verdict. He also thinks that Bond will be granted given the weakness of the evidence. Never rush to judgment in case you see Everything.

This Lawyer among another Lawyer in the tristate area agrees that YMW Melly will probably be released on Bond very soon, here is what he had to say, roll it. So like I always say, you sometimes have to take the outcome of the Lawyer’s opinion like a grade of salt, but well see. Now in 2019, just last year, Melly was locked up for allegedly hitting up his best friends Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. YMW Melly is pleading not guilty. I will keep everyone posted on what happens with the case….

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