10 Real Life Superheroes Caught On Camera

Here are my top ten real-life heroes caught on camera! As we go about our daily business, all of us hope that we won’t be caught in a life or death situation and that the day will pass by peacefully. But, if you were caught up in a horrible situation, what do you think you’d do? Would you run and save yourself, or would you step up and be a hero?

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Top 10 Real Life Heroes Caught On Camera

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10. Fire Fighters Catch Babies
9. Out Of Control Car
8. The Human Shield
7. Spiderman of Paris
6. Man Breaks Woman’s 11th Floor Fall
5. Prisoners save Guard
4. Bus Driver saves Suicidal Woman
3. Mystery Man Runs into a Burning Building
2. Homeless Man Dies Saving Hostage
1. Student Tackles Seattle Gunman
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